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As a key part of the security community within UNSW, the UNSW Security Society organises events for you to meet other students interested in cyber security and to learn, develop, and test skills in hacking, cryptography, and general cyber security.

Movie Nights and Meetups

During movie nights we all come together to watch security themed films for fun, as a chance to get to know other members of the society or to help introduce new members.


We frequently take part in Capture the Flag competitions and run our own where we undertake security based challenges to decipher codes, reverse software, break encryption, and similar tasks, competing against other teams from around the world.

Workshops and Talks

For those who are new to cyber security or who are keen to broaden your skill set, we run workshops throughout the year to introduce cyber security topics, such as web security, cryptography, and exploiting software.

These workshops also aim to teach the skills relevant to the Capture the Flag competitions we run and compete in, as well as reviewing challenges from events after we run them.

Upcoming Events

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